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Our site is focussed on travel in Europe but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of other regions worth travelling to on your next journey.  Below are some of the best around the world travel sites.

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A Crafty Traveler – Amanda’s great travel blog is well worth following for great information
Adventure Vacations Blog – For those on a vacation seeking adventure and thrills
America’s Top Destinations – When searching for the best sites in America look no further
A Place To Search  – Searching for the top travel destination in the world
Around Cambodia  – Your Khmer / Cambodia super travel blog 
Aspiring Backpacker – Backpack for pleasure.  Backpack to explore the world
A View to A Thrill – Wonderul travel blog that will surely inspire you and others
A Year in Australia  – A year in Aussie land is a year well spent in our opinion

Backpacker Crush  – The hottest little thangs out there on the road today
Backpacking Adventures Around The Globe
 – They show you how it is done rtw
Backpacking Travel Videos – Wonderful backpacking travel videos from Asia
Banana Roti – Food guides for foodies on the road.  Ultimate resources for cuisine        
Beers & Beans – A site for RTW enthusiasts.  These two show you how it is done
Be My Travel Muse – A wonderful travel blog that will inspire you to hit the road
Best Shopping Destinations – Top notch travel information and advice for the shopaholic
Best Travel Blogs – Your list for the top travel sites and travel blogs out there today
Blog For World Travels – This guide shows you how, why, now is the best time
Britain Resources For Travelers
  Superb Britain related travel content on this site    
Budget Travel Intentions – Travel with a budget in mind but don’t be too frugal now

Canucking Abroad – Don’t be an uniformed Canuck. Get the best advice right now
Captain and Clark – Two of the quirkiest travel bloggers out there.  They make great videos
Cheap Travel Promo – More than just promo codes.  This sites dishes out the travel goodies
Create Wealth On The Road With Your Blog – Don’t settle for less.  Earn on the road
Creative Escape – Escape, travel, explore.  This is your site to inspire the rtw trip of a lifetime
Credit Card Travel Insurance – Helping you find insurance for your next trip
Culture Shapers – Shape your world by travelling and experiencing the best in culture

Delicious Baby – Travels with the baby and as a family unit exploring the world
Don’t Fly Go
 – Go.  Just go.  Just do it.  Don’t fly.  Hit the road on the ground

Easy Travel – Travel does not have to be complex.  This site shows you how
Eurail Travels – Fly?  No way!  Travel Europe by train.  Experience life now

Family Friendly Adventure – Adventures for the whole family.  Why wait?
Flip Nomad
– A nomad who likes to flip things upside down and make his own path

Geriatric Traveller – Feeling old?  Don’t let it get you down.  These geezers inspire
Going Abroad – Get Abroad!  Get off your arse and get overseas
Green Travel
– The jolly one is the type of traveller who cares about the environment
Grins and Happy Faces Photos – Photos that will inspire you to grin wide daily
Groove Traveler
– Life without music is like life without travel.  Wow

Holidays in Egypt  – Guides are best when it comes to travel in Egypt  
Holiday Travel Guide  – You’ve been on your holiday.  Now get the travel guide
Hot Spots For The Travel Photographer – These guides will allow you to take the best pics        
Hot Spot Journal
– Hot.  Spot. Travel.  Enough said in our humble opinion

Inside The Travel Lab – Come explore all things that are travel inside this travel lab
Insured For Travel – Insure for life.  Insure for travel.  Travel for life on the road now
It’s Lovely Annie Travel Blog – Annie can travel.  Annie wants to show you how/why

Leave Your Daily Hell – A travel site featuring quirky travel stories and great photos
Little Yayas
 – A family that is just never satisfied with anything less than rtw travel
Lost Intentions
 – Intentions are lost on those who do not travel today
Low Cost RTW – Cost of your next trip could be lower if you read this site
Luxury Travel Blog – The luxury guide to doing the best you can on the road today

Man vs Clock – This guy will beat the clock again and again to travel smarter
Minimal World – Growth comes by inching along and growing as your travel
My Spanish Adventure
 – When traveling in Europe you must stop in Spain for culture

New Travel Co – News for the informed traveller.  Don’t leave without it
News Traveller – When you travel you need to be up to speed with the best news
Nomadic Notes – Notes for the nomad.  The nomadic type needs these kinds of notes
Nomadic Photos – Photos from the nomad.  The nomad loves to share his pictures
Nylon Flights – Flights are the way to go these days.  Nylon it up all the way

Off The Beaten Path Travel – Get Off the Beaten path.  You won’t regret it ever
Only A Flight Away – When dreaming about your next vacation remember you’re only a flight away
OpO Media
 – With OpO Media you’ll be covered all the way you travel now
Our Oyster
 – Jade’s oyster is demonstrated by the passion she has for rtw travel

Philippine Travel Forum – A forum for travel.  Philippines info for the road
Plane News – News is travel.  Plane news is for the traveller who is informed
Podrum Radovanovic – Wow  You’ve come to the right place for travel gurus

Samuel Travels Around The World – This nomad is on the road all of the time
Seek Your Trip
 – Find your adventures on the road by seeking the journey
Senior Travel Guides – Seniors travel guide for the mature traveller out there
Singapore Guide Online – The guide for travel in Singapore.  Singaporean sling
Solo Female Backpacker – Audrey wants to show you how to travel as a solo female
Sophie’s World – Sophie loves to travel around the world sharing her adventures
Soul Travelers 3 – A travel site featuring a wonderful family that explore rtw together
Special Holidays Blog – For the special one who is always on a holiday.  Yes, indeed
Start To Run
– Run, fly, jet.  Just get up and get going.  Excuses are for fools
Stranded Passengers – Don’t be stranded with those who settle for less in life
Stuck in Customs – A travel photography blog featuring stunning HDR travel photos

The Constant Rambler – Great Road trips and epic pet travel adventures worth checking out
The Last Stop
 – Don’t be stuck with a life that is geared towards the last top
The Loaded Handbag – Load up and get out on the road with your best intentions in mind
The Lost Backpack – The backpack is lost.  The life is lost.  Remember your priorities
The Plane Hoppers – Travel inspiration and tips
The Prague Wanderer – Prague guide for the suave traveller in the know
The Road Dog Blog – cool slang for someone who is always travelling on the road
The Traveller World Guide – Get out and explore that gigantic world we live in
Top Travel Spots – If you’re looking for the top places to visit check out this travel site

Tourism Picks – pick your tours with the advice of experienced managers on your side

Travel Abroad as an ESL Teacher – When you’ve had enough.  Teach.  Travel.  Love life
Travel and Tourism Guide – Guides related to tourism.  Travel without the restrictions
Travel Bay – Bay and Travel.  Travel and Bay.  Bay is the new travel.  Travel is the new bay
Travel Blog – Yes, you’ve found a travel blog that will inspire you to hit the road today
Travel Europe In Style – This guide shows you how to travel Europe in style
Travel Infographics (A site you’ll come to for travel infographics and travel information)
TraveLinkSites – If you haven’t linked to this site you’re missing out on travel nuggets
Travel Pictures – RTW travel galleries that will leave your jaw dropping to the ground
Travel Sex Life – Forget what others say.  You know deep down you travel to get it on
Travels of Adam – A very popular travel blog featuring hipster destinations and info
Travel Times Mag – A mag that will leave you drooling for more travel information
Travel Tips For Those in Europe – The guide that teaches you to travel in Europe
Traveling With Kids – Kids are not an impediment to rtw lifestyle and adventures
Travel Wonders – Exploring the most momentous types of travel destinations today
Trip Bloggers Central (Where travel adventurers converge)

Ultimate Travel Site for Britain – Don’t settle for less.  Ultimate site for Britain
Under The Same Sun
 – Forget the sun.  Forget travel.  Forget life
USA Travel Blog For Wanderers – Wanderers rejoice over this great USA guide for tips

Vacation Lifestyle – Lifestyles are vacations away from a life that is not taken yet
Vegas Travel Source – Stop going to other sites for Vegas info.  This IS your site
Videos For The Traveller – Videos that will make you get up off of your arse now
Villa Dream Vacations – Dream about your biggest vacation and then buy a villa
Volunteer Leaders – Lead.  Travel.  Roam.  This site shows you how to do it all

Will Peach Anti Travel Blog – This guy shows you how to travel without being a geek
World For Travelers
 – World is for the explorer.  The explorer loves to travel now
World Leading Vacations – Lead.  Follow.  Travel.  Life.  Outdoors.  You name it

Xxiien Cuentro Latino Americano – The ultimate guide to Latin American travel

360 Global Travel – 360 is for life.  Life is for the taking.  Travel now.  Travel smart
6×6 Imagen
 – Imagine what life could be like if you had 6×6 ways to experience it


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